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WiFi Conundrum: Keeping Attendees Connected


Last week I shared information about how to stay safe while on public WiFi. As much as we love WiFi, it is also a point of contention with us meeting planners. We all know one thing for sure – our attendees want and need WiFi. Those that come to our events are expecting strong connections,[...]

Safety Features Part 2


Recently, I shared information regarding security during travel from an interview with Robert Riesmeyer of Traveling Aware. As a meeting planner, the responsibility extends beyond personal safety to the safety of attendees. In fact, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to focus on this issue. The U.S. Department of Labor, through the general duty[...]

No More NS at the GS Part 2


Last week I shared some tips for ensuring that your GS, General Session, is a have-to-be-there affair. Here are some more tips for ensuring that those RSVPs show up! Ask: If no shows are a past issue, reach out to past no shows and ask them for feedback. This may provide you with all you[...]

Hoppin’ Down the (Colorful) Bunny Trail


When I gaze down the bunny trail I see tulips, bunnies and Easter baskets ready to be filled with delightful and colorful Easter eggs. Get your baskets ready! Today we are going to hop down that trail and find some wonderful meeting planner advice. Green: Green is a popular color with meetings planners! We are[...]

Oh Nuts, Budget Cuts


Meeting planners are often called to do a whole lot with less – thank goodness we are rather miraculous and savvy beings! Here are some great ideas for how to stretch the dollars when you are in an oh-nuts-budget-cuts situation. Shop Around: Talk to several vendors so you get a feel for pricing. Make sure[...]

The (Correct) Envelope, Please


Oh my, the Oscars – the glitter, the glam, the stars, the lights, and last but certainly not least, the SHOES – it’s an evening that is well planned and well executed each year. Yes, you know where I am going here, for even Oscar has a few blemishes and we all witnessed it last[...]

We’ve Got Is(shoes)


As a group, we meeting planners definitely have our share of is(shoes).  Most notably, how often, how much and how many places our shoes have walked! Before the event we will walk in the shoes of our attendees to: Make sure room accommodations are well appointed, and that VIP suites are up to snuff. Walk[...]

The Inauguration Got Me Thinking . . .


An event such as an inauguration, especially one so controversial as the most recent one, got me thinking about what it must be like for those that plan this type of event. Though most of us will not be planning anything controversial or as fraught with security concerns, there are some lessons for us planners[...]

Trending Never Sleeps


As leaders in the meetings industry we are called to keep up on the trends. Trends come and go, some hang out for a few days and others enjoy a bit more stickiness, like the Pokemon phenomenon and the Mannequin Challenge. Check out this Audience Mannequin Challenge courtesy of TEDxGatewayArch. Recently I shared some trends[...]

New Year New Plan

new plan

It’s a New Year! A time when we take stock of the year before and head into a innovative fresh outlook on how we do what we do and how to do so in a better way. I came upon this thought from Successful Meetings and it really got me thinking. The suggestion is that[...]