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Safety Features Part 2

Event Planning Advice


Recently, I shared information regarding security during travel from an interview with Robert Riesmeyer of Traveling Aware. As a meeting planner, the responsibility extends beyond personal safety to the safety of attendees. In fact, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to focus on this issue. The U.S. Department of Labor, through the general duty… Read More

Safety Features Part 1

Travel and Hospitality


Most meeting planners are frequent travelers, jetting about the country and the globe, to coordinate wonderful events. Among the skill set of all meeting planners is one that is most valuable and this attention to detail. No detail goes unnoticed by the savvy and organized planner. The detail we will explore today is an important… Read More

Take Back Travel – There Are Apps for That

Technology Travel and Hospitality

Travel Apps

For those of us who have been in the meeting planning business for a few decades, we often find ourselves talking about the good ole days of travel. The days when travel felt like a treat! It was a fun and stress-less adventure with accommodating airlines and happy passengers. Yes, much has changed. But maybe… Read More

Travel Hacks from Expert Crystal Washington

Travel and Hospitality

travel hacks

With summer vacation upon us – and if anyone deserves a vacation, it’s the meeting planners – now is the time to catch up on the latest resources and ideas for making the most of your vacation! For some expert advice I turned to Crystal Washington. Crystal has a reputation for taking complex web and… Read More

No More NS at the GS Part 2

Attendee Experience Event Planning Advice


Last week I shared some tips for ensuring that your GS, General Session, is a have-to-be-there affair. Here are some more tips for ensuring that those RSVPs show up! Ask: If no shows are a past issue, reach out to past no shows and ask them for feedback. This may provide you with all you… Read More

No More NS at the GS

Attendee Experience


We all know how important RSVPs are to an event. They help to determine how much F&B and staff will be required. It speaks to the effectiveness of the event marketing, if the needs of the industry are being met and if the content provided is of value. And then, there are the No Shows… Read More

Hoppin’ Down the (Colorful) Bunny Trail

Event Planning Advice


When I gaze down the bunny trail I see tulips, bunnies and Easter baskets ready to be filled with delightful and colorful Easter eggs. Get your baskets ready! Today we are going to hop down that trail and find some wonderful meeting planner advice. Green: Green is a popular color with meetings planners! We are… Read More

Be a Dy-na-Mo

Meeting Planning Services


Good day to all you dynamic meeting planners out there. Today let’s put a bit of mo’ in your Dy-na-mo! Every day there are mo’ technical tools at your disposal – almost too many to know and digest. No worries, I did so for you – check out these tools and mo’! Mo’ Time: Making… Read More

Oh Nuts, Budget Cuts

Event Planning Advice


Meeting planners are often called to do a whole lot with less – thank goodness we are rather miraculous and savvy beings! Here are some great ideas for how to stretch the dollars when you are in an oh-nuts-budget-cuts situation. Shop Around: Talk to several vendors so you get a feel for pricing. Make sure… Read More

It’s Spring – Lighten Up!


Spring is here! The world blossoms and we all begin to feel lighter. Clearing out the old and making room for the new is a part of our lightening up; we spring-clean, not only do we clean our homes, but also our offices, computers and minds. Start with a List: Lists are a great way… Read More