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Jill Stone

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Oh Nuts, Budget Cuts

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Meeting planners are often called to do a whole lot with less – thank goodness we are rather miraculous and savvy beings! Here are some great ideas for how to stretch the dollars when you are in an oh-nuts-budget-cuts situation. Shop Around: Talk to several vendors so you get a feel for pricing. Make sure… Read More

It’s Spring – Lighten Up!


Spring is here! The world blossoms and we all begin to feel lighter. Clearing out the old and making room for the new is a part of our lightening up; we spring-clean, not only do we clean our homes, but also our offices, computers and minds. Start with a List: Lists are a great way… Read More

So Many Celebrations!



March has a lot more going on than you may realize. Did you know that you can celebrate National Dadgum That’s Good Day (3/1) or National Banana Cream Pie Day (3/2). How about celebrating National Absinthe Day (3/5) – but don’t celebrate this day too much or you won’t be able to pull off National… Read More

The (Correct) Envelope, Please

Event Planning Advice


Oh my, the Oscars – the glitter, the glam, the stars, the lights, and last but certainly not least, the SHOES – it’s an evening that is well planned and well executed each year. Yes, you know where I am going here, for even Oscar has a few blemishes and we all witnessed it last… Read More

We’ve Got Is(shoes)

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As a group, we meeting planners definitely have our share of is(shoes).  Most notably, how often, how much and how many places our shoes have walked! Before the event we will walk in the shoes of our attendees to: Make sure room accommodations are well appointed, and that VIP suites are up to snuff. Walk… Read More

The Inauguration Got Me Thinking . . .

Event Planning Advice


An event such as an inauguration, especially one so controversial as the most recent one, got me thinking about what it must be like for those that plan this type of event. Though most of us will not be planning anything controversial or as fraught with security concerns, there are some lessons for us planners… Read More

Be Mine

Meeting Planning Services


Valentine's Day is on its way. People will express their love to their partners, children and friends . . . and some of us may even express our love to our careers. Meeting Planners love what they do; it’s a career of passion. What do us planners love most? My thoughts: Meet Me: Virtual meetings… Read More

Houston, We Have a Big Game



This weekend the big game is on! We know the teams, Falcons vs Patriots. We know we’ll all go Gaga at the halftime show. And we know that we will eat about 1.3 billion chicken wings. But what do we really know about Houston, the city that will host this football game of football games this… Read More

Ice Ice Baby

Attendee Experience


I’ve been thinking about ice as my area has been covered in it lately. This is, therefore, the perfect time to talk Icebreakers! Icebreakers are great for initiating conversation and shortening the time between strangers to conference friends. Here are some ideas for you to use at your next event. Post-It: Ask a question and… Read More

Take Off the Cape: Meeting Planner Self Care


Self Care

I came across a blog at Event Manager Blog the other day, titled “Are You Addicted to Event Planning?” Before clicking on the link I imagined it to be a lighthearted look at how some of us love event planning so very much that we are “addicted” to it. Instead, the article was quite real and it… Read More