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Jill Stone

Your Meeting Matchmaker Fairy Godmother

  • food and drink

    I See Food and Drink in Your Future

    As we wave goodbye to 2016, and say hello to 2017, we turn our eyes to our stomachs. For what kind of meeting planner would we be if we did not feed our attendees, and feed them well, and also introduce them to the cool new food trends of now. Here are some items and[...]

  • fee

    Are you Fee-ling it?

    Probably. Sometimes we meeting planners fee-l it; paying fee after fee after fee. We find ourselves asking – Do I have to pay them? Is there room for negotiation? Why so many fees? Let’s explore the world of fees. Resort-ful: Even if you do not plan to use the pool or gym, these fees could[...]

  • Thanksgiving

    Hassle Free Happy T-Day: Thanksgiving Prep

    Meeting planners plan many events in far away places, but sometimes those events are a little bit closer to home. If you are on for Thanksgiving this year, here are some ways to take off the stress of preparation so you can enjoy the day. Pre-made Turkey: Yes! Pre-made turkeys are for real! There are[...]

  • attendee

    How to Speak Attendee

    I may not know another language, but after over 20 years of participating in some way, shape or form in the meeting planning space, I have learned how to speak attendee. Today I thought I’d share with you translations of your what your attendees may actually be saying. This event was better than I thought[...]

  • meeting planner

    You Must Be a Meeting Planner . . .

    Meeting Planners are a different breed. They have skill sets that like none other. Meeting Planners are ultra-organized, detail-oriented, super-active, forward-thinking, forever-curious and beyond-amazing, and due to this they are crazy-busy. Here are some more lighthearted ways to know that “You Must Be a Meeting Planner.” If you are looking forward to jury duty, You[...]

  • trolls

    Beware of Trolls

    Happy Halloween! The movie Trolls will be in theaters next month. I for one will be taking the grandkids to check it out! I’m also excited that one of my most favorite songs, Can’t Stop the Feeling, by Justin Timberlake will be featured. Don’t get me wrong, Justin does a fine job, but I have[...]


I Save You Time

I send out RFPs on your behalf, gather all the information, present it to you in an easy to read format.

This frees up your time to focus on the details of your meeting.

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I Save You Money

HelmsBriscoe is the largest site selection firm in the world.

Putting our negotiating power to work for you means saving money and big pats on the back from your bosses.

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I Save You Headaches

Selecting the perfect location can be a pain!

I review contracts and negotiate with the site to ensure both your company and attendees have a great experience.

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I Save You Heartaches

Attrition costs, contract issues, out-of-the-blue craziness?

Not anymore, call me when the heartaches arise. Together, I am sure that we will get you back on the mend.

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Jill Keeps Me Sane

Jill really does keep me sane We can be looking at 15 different properties at any given time, Jill keeps it all organized, reminds me of the pros and cons of each property and is truly concerned about finding the best possible location for each meeting.

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All About That Space!

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