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Jill Stone

Your Meeting Matchmaker Fairy Godmother

  • be seen conference part 2

    Be Seen at a Conference, Part 2: During and After

    In my last blog, I discussed what to do before an event in order to prepare for positive media attention. Now we are going to see what you need to do during and after the event. During The Conference While the conference is happening, you need to be working it.....
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  • unnamed

    Be Seen at a Conference, Part 1: Before

    Conferences are expensive. There are costs for the booth, flight and hotel room costs, booth design, swag and marketing and more. With this sort of expense, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could really make a go of it and be seen? By the media, no less? For this to....
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  • unnamed-1

    Fall TV

    Fall is on its way, and tagging right along is the much anticipated fall TV schedule, at least this is the case for us Certified Couch Potatoes. I find myself asking this question, “Which shows are worthy of my precious couch time and DVR space?” Like everyone involved in meeting....
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  • Shoes Shoes Shoes

    Shoes, Glorious Shoes

    We just celebrated Labor Day. I labor, you labor, we all labor and in exchange for that labor we are paid and thus, we buy shoes. Well, and accessories to go with the shoes like jewelry and super cute outfits. Due to the importance of shoes, we must also stay....
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  • Conference Truths

    Conference Truths

    I came across this quite funny list from Buzzfeed the other day; 33 Things Every Conference Attendee Knows To Be True.  If you notice, actual attendees of the Northeast Festival & Conference compiled the list. While some of these items are beyond a meeting planner’s control, some could actual get....
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  • Kid President


    Lately it seems far too easy for folks to get stressed out and overwhelmed. You have many pressing responsibilities at work and at home. For those of you with children, school is beginning again and your calendars are becoming increasingly packed. Reading or watching the news is certain to leave....
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I Save You Time

I send out RFPs on your behalf, gather all the information, present it to you in an easy to read format.

This frees up your time to focus on the details of your meeting.

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I review contracts and negotiate with the site to ensure both your company and attendees have a great experience.

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I Save You Heartaches

Attrition costs, contract issues, out-of-the-blue craziness?

Not anymore, call me when the heartaches arise. Together, I am sure that we will get you back on the mend.

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Jill Keeps Me Sane

Jill really does keep me sane We can be looking at 15 different properties at any given time, Jill keeps it all organized, reminds me of the pros and cons of each property and is truly concerned about finding the best possible location for each meeting.

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