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Jill Stone

Your Meeting Matchmaker Fairy Godmother

  • third party planners

    A Hotelier’s View: How Hotels See Third Party Planners

    I recently caught up with Kris Keesling at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel. She is my contact at the hotel, and was an integral part in creating a win-win meeting for one of my clients. We chatted about the industry, her hotel and third party planners (aka me). Here is what Kris had to share with[...]

  • budgets

    Budgets on Track

    Budgets are a tricky deal. Little things add up, big things end up costing more than expected and then there are the surprises that catch us off guard. Before you head in to plan your future events’ budgets, take these few points to task! Review and Revise: You know the ole sacred cow issue, if[...]

  • March

    March On

    There is a ton to look forward as we march forth through the month of March! NCAA Basketball Fans – get your Lazy-Boys and sofas poised in the perfect television viewing spot, it’s time for March Madness. Not expecting a lot of home time? No problem, you’ll be able to stay mad for March b-ball[...]

  • Travel Predictions - Part 3

    Travel Predictions 2015 – Part 3

    I am having way too much fun with the information on travel predictions shared by Executive Travel. We now move onto part 3! Airfares Cost Less (Well, Sort Of): Go on a 3-day business trip and expect your airline ticket to eat up only 30% of your budget. A 3-day trip will average $400 for[...]

  • 2

    Travel Predictions 2015 – Part 2

    We are only 2 months into this year and more predictions keep rolling in. My friends over at Executive Travel have shared more of their predictions and I share them here with you. Of course, I have to throw in my own 2 cents. Enjoy! Cruise Through the Golden Years: According to Executive Travel it[...]

  • saving time

    Sanity Savers are In

    We talk a lot about saving time and money, and though quite important, saving our sanity also ranks rather high. Meeting Managers have the capacity to store amazing amounts of information, details, schedules, data and more – there are computers out there that are envious of your abilities, I assure you of this. That said,[...]


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Jill Keeps Me Sane

Jill really does keep me sane We can be looking at 15 different properties at any given time, Jill keeps it all organized, reminds me of the pros and cons of each property and is truly concerned about finding the best possible location for each meeting.

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